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Presentation of the Cancer Research Projects Comparison Table, web page summarizing the following three documents:

1. Dimension of the problem 2. Meager results 3. Need of a change
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Cancer is the Worlds no. 1 enemy

Every 5 seconds somebody dies PREMATURELY of cancer: six million per year, more than any war or any other disease.

Do you think it is their destiny that they should die and so nothing can change?

In the past decade the possibility has already existed to reduce premature cancer deaths by 100,000 per year in the U.S. and by 450,000 per year in Europe.

Instead the total cost for cancer is $741 billion/year (or about $750/year for each of us) and the reduction in cancer death during the past 50 years has been recorded as a mere 5%, while for heart disease the reduction was 64%, although smaller investments were allocated to the latter.

If research money were only spent on projects that have real potential to reduce cancer deaths, thousands of lives could have been saved. Unfortunately, your money is being spent on several projects that have no evidence of their potential to save lives.

To find out how you can help support only successful projects and avoid even more premature cancer deaths, please read the following:

New! How to solve the problem of cancer and reduce its economical burden

Stop Cancer! From THEORY to PRACTICE (ppt, 15 Slides)